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Madonna Blasts Lady Gaga & Guy Ritchie

Madonna is taking to the lyrics on her upcoming album to blast Lady Gaga and Guy Ritchie. I’m not a fan of either so it’s pretty refreshing to see her candor. Here are the “supposed” new lyrics: ‘You’re a copycat,

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Get Better Soon Joan!

Sorry I haven’t updated much recently. In the process of opening a new hotel and the time escapes me. YET! I want to send a get well note to the one and only Joan Rivers! Stay strong and we want

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No Online Dates for Kathleen Turner?

  Kathleen Turner has given up on romance as she fears online dating is too risky for celebrities. The War of the Roses star divorced her husband of 23 years, Jay Weiss, in 2007, and her daughter Rachel is constantly

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What Would Hillary’s Presidency Be If She Won?

Read an interesting article from the Washington Post. If you get a chance please take a look:  

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A Little Madonna Present (Song) for Herself

Ready for some Pharrell and Eve with Madonna mixed in? “The Beat Is So Crazy”, is  originally recorded for Madonna’s 2008 Hard Candy album. Enjoy the scrapped song.   🙂  

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A Real Cat Burgler

The Puss (Friend’s Nickname) sent me this yesterday. If you are looking for some good Ebay swag to sell you send out this guy!  

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Streisand a What?

  This poor woman can’t get a break. Ms. Streisand who is 72 recently joined Instagram and everyone is all in a dither because of the photos looked Photoshopped. Who cares! Trust me, I would love for  a majority of

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Babs on Bacall

  Have to throw some old time gay into the mix. Following yesterday’s death of Lauren Bacall, everyone’s favorite chanteuse Barbra Streisand released a statement, “What a terrible loss for us all,” Streisand said in a statement. “First Robin [Williams],

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Um. She Gets Right Back Up After?

I’m quite impressed by this woman. I’m not sure where this video came from because it was sent by a friend but it’s hilarious… in a way… ouch!  

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Have you ever looked through your notes all in one sitting? As I was going through my Gmail account deleting emails from the prehistoric area I found a block of “notes.” Here they are clumped together: Ask about spaghetti bar/

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