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Annabel & Me!

Had a great eery time visiting the Occulant Museum in CT and seeing the fantastic Lorraine Warren. This is my “close encounter” with the Annabel doll that terrorized people for decades. I didn’t touch it.

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Keller & Edie

I have to show you these two amazing animals. I know, I’m being like a cat lady but these guys are amazing! What you think?

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Diane Keaton & ME

Another great moment in my life. I was one of those losers to wait in line at a Barnes and Nobles book signing. I had to. It’s Diane Keaton. “Warren (Beatty) would love your hair. My God, it’s gorgeous.” Diane

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When you enter the drinking realm again why not do it in a spot that has been chic for the past twenty five years in NYC… Indochine ( It’s been over a month since I had any form of alcohol.

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Sorry for the “cheap” look of the site. I’m going for simple and 1990’s with the look and feel. Thanks for the understanding.

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